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Distinguished RHS Alumnus #3

William “Bill” WinsorClass of 1965

By Andy Pate Jr, with Nancy and James Thurmond

THE FIRST BABY BOOMER to be named a Distinguished Alumnus of Refugio High School, William “Bill” Winsor was born in Refugio on September 23, 1946, to Joyce “Jo” and Merle Winsor.

Bill Winsor has taken full advantage of the birth rate explosion that erupted after WW II.. He has utilized his own energies and abilities to become the current President and CEO of the Dallas Market Center founded by Trammell Crowe. With six million square feet of space, the Dallas center is the largest in the world.

On his father’s side Bill is a descendent of Irish families (Winsors and Kelleys) that migrated to Refugio in the 1800’s. Great grandfather E.S. Winsor was the first surveyor for Refugio County. Great grandfather David Kelley owned and operated Kelley’s Stage Line between Refugio, Alligator Head (Port O’Connor), Indianola and Lamar.

As a youth, Bill served as a map boy for renowned Refugio historian, Hobart Huson, for whom his mother was a long-time executive assistant.  Today, Bill is, arguably, the person most knowledgeable about Refugio history. He is the author of Texas in The Confederacy: A History of Military Installations, Economy and People.

While a student in Refugio High School, Bill was a quarterback on the football team and chosen “Mr. RHS.”

Bill is the elder brother to Hallie Winsor Paul and Charles and Gloria Winsor. All four completed grades 1-12 in the Refugio schools.

After high school Bill attended Texas State University (SWTSU) and graduated in 1969 with a B.S. in Communications.

Prior to his employment by Trammell Crowe, Bill was Director of Communications and Worldwide Merchandising for the seven divisions of Tenneco Inc. In addition, he helped form Infomart and was its President and General Manger. Trammell Crowe recruited Bill from Texas Instruments where he was responsible for corporate marketing and merchandising for five product groups, including consumer goods, digital systems, geophysical services, government services and semi-conductors.

In his work for Trammell Crowe Bill has done development and property management work in the US, Europe, Asia and South America, and for marts in France and Japan. Also, he has been a consultant for governments and private developers in South America, Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

In 2011 and 2012 the Dallas Mart Center was recognized as one of the top 100 companies to work for in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by the Dallas Morning News.

Bill Winsor’s community service includes board positions with the Dallas Citizen's Council, the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the Dallas Greater Better Business Bureau in addition to adopting a Dallas elementary school in Dallas for underprivileged children and organizing Christmas drives for patients and their families at Children's Hospital.

Alongside the extra energy he expends in researching Refugio and Texas history, Bill is an amateur archaeologist, having “dug” in four of Napoleon's European battlefields, including Waterloo.

Bill is married to Kathleen, whom he first dated 44 years ago.  Their children are Mark and Kelley Winsor. They have three grand-daughters: Hayden, Myles and Tatum. The family spends much of its time on the Winsor ranch near Lexington.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards are made by the Refugio Exes United Association and a Selection Committee headed by James H. Thurmond, RHS Class of 1965.